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October 2007
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LIVE Close-up performances
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Posted by: DaBalloon&MagicGuy @ 11:04 pm

Here are two close-up performances at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet in Honolulu. I haven’t been there in awhile, but I’m planning to go in November and December…so check the calendar on the website and I’ll see you there. If you didn’t know, I perform at the local swap meet on select Sundays during the year.

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Thank you LORD!
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Posted by: DaBalloon&MagicGuy @ 11:02 pm

Here’s a blog that I posted on my MySpace account: www.myspace.com/rchrd_bautista. Check it out!

I just had to write somewhere that I had one of my best balloon and magic performances today. I was told by someone about two weeks ago to relax and share my fun personality and positive attitude during the show. Since then, I have gotten lots of great feedback, not to mention the huge tips…hahaha. I’ve been so busy lately and the calendar keeps filling up. Just when I think I have an open weekend, I get a last minute gig to fill it up. It feels so good to share with others something that I love doing.

I look forward to my next show this upcoming weekend. I also am learning a lot through teaching others magic. I thank the Lord for bringing some magic students into my life. As I’ve been teaching magic, it has provided me a different perspective and greater appreciation in what I do.

Thanks again Lord for providing me the skills that make me unique and the knowledge to use these skills to entertain and inspire others to provide them a little spark of happiness, joy, and hope in their hearts. Each day, I continue to accept my daily challenge, which is to make a positive impact on many people’s lives. I can honestly share that each day I do my best to share priceless moments and everlasting memories with others. Also, when I watch my magic students perform for others, I feel so good and ticklish inside because I feel assured that they too will learn how to make a positive impact on other people’s lives through the tool that we like to call MAGIC.

As my little magic friend Cody always says, “Keep the Magic Alive.”

As always, God bless, Peace, Happiness, and Joy,

Mr. Richard “DaBalloon&MagicGuy” (levitates and flies away…hahaha)

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What’s a BLOG?
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Posted by: DaBalloon&MagicGuy @ 10:58 pm

What’s a blog? It’s kind of like a daily diary. People write blogs to keep others informed.

I’ve been noticing that many people have blogs, whether they’re personal or business blogs, there all the same…BLOGS. I’ve read a few here and there through MySpace and other places, so I decided what better way than to post a blog. It’s DA BLOG for DABALLOON&MAGICGUY. It’s kind of an adventurous thing because who knows what will happen or who’ll I’ll meet. I know one thing…I hope that this continues to market the business…www.balloontwistershawaii.com…hahaha.

Well, if you’re reading this than you must’ve heard about Balloon Twisters Hawaii in some way. What better way than to post a comment of how you heard about….DA BLOG, BALLOON TWISTERS HAWAII or DABALLOON&MAGICGUY. It might be online, in person, through an internet search, friends, maybe you saw us at a party or seen a performance, etc. It’ll be interesting to find out how small this world is, not to mention this little rock we call Oahu.

As for my blogs, I usually send out my “BALLOON TWISTERS HAWAII Trick of the Week” through email and I’m thinking of linking it back here and to the website to increase traffic. All in all, I’ll do my best to inform you of anything BALLOONS and MAGIC. If you’re interested or have a question, just leave a comment and I’ll be glad to reply. Feel free to also email or visit the Balloon Twisters Hawaii website. 

Until next time…don’t stress, keep smiling, and be happy.


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