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March 2008
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TRICK OF THE MONTH - 18th Edition
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18th Edition  03/30/2008

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MESSAGE from DaBalloon&MagicGuy

Last month, we were able to perform at the: 1) YMCA Barber’s Point A-Plus program for the Kaimiloa and Barber’s Point students; and 2) Easter celebration at Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park. Hopefully, the photos taken by Midweek make it into next week’s edition (first week of April). If so, I’ll definitely post some of the pics.

Hawaii Parent Ad for April 2008This month is exciting because our first real marketing ad will be posted in the Hawaii Parent magazine. A big thanks goes out to our official face painter, Noreen of Celebrating Life Unlimited, for her continued support. She along with Kalei from Hawaii Parent put it together. Here’s a copy of the ad. I know that Balloon in “Balloon and Magic Show” is spelled incorrectly. This is the 2nd to the final draft.

We’ve also been getting many referrals from the Hawaiimoms website. Thanks everyone for the continued referrals. Here’s are some links:

1) http://forums.hawaiimoms.com/viewtopic.php?p=16136&sid=992a14f7a184cdd6779889e584295998 

2) http://forums.hawaiimoms.com/viewtopic.php?t=3184

Our next ad will be in the Island Family Magazine…next month will be their party planning issue, as well as the debut of our new marketing ad. So, don’t forget to pick-up a copy and read next month’s blog for a preview of the new ad.

Did you know…(wow, I sound like Joe Moore)…there is a new magic shop in Hawaii open 7 days a week from 9am-11pm in the International Marketplace just below the post office. It’s the Las Vegas magic shop. The main shop in located in Vegas atop the Stratosphere and is owned by Perry Maynard who is the creator of Lite Flite and many other magic effects. My brother, Eric, used to perform that floating light ball trick when we first started. The Hawaii shop is great with lots of cool gizmos, gimmicks, gags and great tricks. Stop by and I guarantee you won’t leave empty handed…you’ll at least be entertained.

If you haven’t already heard..we’ve touched basis with one of the greatest sumo wrestlers of all time…Saliva’a Atisanoe aka Konishiki. He is a wonderful guy and we’re going to be working with him in the near future. Do you want a hint…check the calendar of events on our official website.

Also, we’ve updated the official website. Because of the feedback I’ve received from customers, I have included 3 party packages in the price section…1) The Balloons and Magic Package; 2) The Balloons and Face Painting Package; and 3) The Total Package (Background music can be provided for each individual package upon customer’s request). Hopefully, the redesign will assist customers at figuring out our reasonable rates. We’ve also added some statistical information on the customer testimonial section, as well as many more links. We’re also going to be adding some video excerpts of the show.

Oriental Boxes by Peter Austin  Kikuchi Flower Ring  Double Dragon Surprise Box by Peter Austin

The next few months will be exciting for “DaBalloon&MagicShow.” We will debut some new tricks, a backdrop, and a new sound system. As for the sound system, we will be offering background music as part of our magic and total packages. Finally, a real sound system. Yes, I’m going to get rid of my little set-up. I’m trying to sell it on Craigslist, but I may just donate it to the YMCA since it is where I house the PA sometimes for their use. As for the magic and backdrop…I’d like to thank Peter Austin who is designing and building the new magic props. All the products will be Peter Austin originals and there will be none like it in the world. I am so excited to debut the tricks. The quality of the products are first rate and you’ll see it at our upcoming magic shows. We’re also adding a few more stuff, which you will see in the upcoming months.

I’ve also received some positive comments about the flaming shirts I wear, so I purchased a handful. You should see my closet since I currently have at least 3 exact sets of magic clothes from shirts, pants, belts, and shoes…hahaha. It looks like Mr. Roger’s closet…hahaha. It’s such a good feeling, a very good feeling, a feeling to know that I’ll be back when the day is through….hahaha. I know you all had a flashback.

So, let’s keep up the excitement and share one of Hawaii’s true gifts of Aloha, “The Friendliest balloonists, magicians, and face painters in the 808 state.” We got personality and it’s one of our many strengths.

Until next month…keep the magic alive,

Richard aka “DaBalloon&MagicGuy”



Here are a few photos from March:

(Top to bottom, left to right) Check out our new threads; Someone asked for a horse and we came up with a rocking horse…yup the horse liked heavy metal; DaBalloon&MagicGuy on balloon patrol making sure kids don’t cut in line.

2008 March 22 Balloon Twisters Hawaii  Rocking Horse DaBalloon&MagicGuy on Patrol

(Top to bottom, left to right) It’s the butterfly girls; Pretty smiles by the Little Mermaids; Shark bite…Shark bite!

Butterfly girls The little mermaids Photobucket

NEXT MONTH: The new Island Family Magazine Marketing Ad, More photos, videos and much much more.

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RE: MySpace Account

Here is the MySpace Account link: http://www.myspace.com/balloon_twisters_hawaii . Have a heart and add me as a friend.

In case you’ve never read my blogs on MySpace, here’s the link. The blogs are like diary entries of my balloon and magic work.



Enjoy and thanks for your continued support,


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