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April 2008
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TRICK OF THE MONTH - 19th Edition
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19th Edition  04/28/2008

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MESSAGE from DaBalloon&MagicGuy

Last month, we were able to perform at the: 1) Mililani Keiki Fest @ Mililani Rec #3. We showcased “Da Balloon & Magic Show” for everyone. Aloha Clowns were present providing airbrush face painting (Filipino face painting…pssst, psst…) and balloon twisting for the kiddies. Also, Sunshine Performing Arts Productions were also present. Overall, it was an awesome night. Lots of great feedback on the show. Thank you Mililani Town Association. We look forward to working with you again in the near future. I received a phone call on Monday from a child asking me to come to his birthday party…hahaha. He said that he loved the show and would like me to perform for his party. I told him to have his parents call. I guess I need to add…parent approval needed…under the booking section of the website…lol.

This month will be groundbreaking because we’re making our first debut in the phenomenom called Project Graduation. I’ve never imagined that I would be performing in the wee hours of the night or should I say morning. I’m also doing an emcee gig. I haven’t done it for awhile so I’m a bit nervous, but I’m up for the challenge. I’m just glad I’m not doing magic and balloons in the same night.


This month is the exciting debut of our 2nd real marketing ad. Island Family Magazine will be publishing their annual party planning issue for the month of May. We will also be added to their Party Planning section of their website…click on the link: http://www.islandfamilymagazine.com/resources/party_planning.html

In addition, July will be the debut of our ad in the Paradise Yellow Pages…the premiere yellow page book in the 808 state. Hey, it’s also the home of the KSSK lucky number…hahaha. We’d like to send out some aloha to Thomas Choi for being a great media consultant. We’ll be listed in the party planning and magician section.

Also, don’t forget our first ad in the Hawaii Parent Magazine and the countless recommendations from Hawaiimoms. In addition, we’ve been receiving countless referrals through internet search engines and our Myspace and Youtube accounts. The word is spreading and soon everyone will know “The friendliest balloonists, magicians, and face painters in the 808 state.”

And yet more entertainment and upgrades have been added to the show…I don’t want to ruin the details because you got to come and see the show. I’ll share one thing with you…”Big Babies…hahaha.” Let the video speak for itself. Imagine an adult being dressed up like a baby… It’s hilarious and fun entertainment for the whole family. As far as the other additions, I can’t reveal anything more…just come and watch the show. The oohs and aahs, as well as the laughter continues to grow louder and louder with each new show…

Thanks again everyone for your continued support and referrals…Don’t forget to share with all your friends, co-workers, and family…the friendliest balloonists, magicians, and face painters in the 808 state.


Until next month…keep the magic alive,

Richard aka “DaBalloon&MagicGuy”



I participated for the first time at the Hawaii Balloon Twisters Jam, which was held at the Waikamilo McDonald’s on 04/21. One of the best balloonists in the islands…Gene Tamashiro of Creative Air was present. This guy can twist balloons with lots of detail. He’s awesome. There were several balloonists, both professionals and amateurs, and we all shared ideas and learned from each other. If you ever wanted to come and learn how to twist, then come and join us next month. I will definitely add more details as we get closer. Here are some photos below of me and the Balloon Jedi Master…Gene Tamashiro. We’re holding some balloon lightsabers. Thanks Gene for sharing the wonderful idea. Also, check out photos of our balloon flower masterpieces (Blue vase- DaBalloon&MagicGuy, Brown vase- Gene Tamashiro).

Photobucket   Photobucket

Here’s a picture of our new backdrop and magic set-up. Customers can now post their beautiful banners on our professional backdrop. We also provide background music for our package rates. We use a professional transportable sound system that amazes many who see it. It may be small, yet packs some sound. This picture was taken on 4/20/2008 at the Mandalay Restaurant in Downtown, Honolulu. The customer I performed for was only 3rd grade when I met her when I was working at the City & County Summer Fun Program. She now has her own kids. Can you believe it? Wow…I’m so old…hahaha. The other pictures are from other parties at Masa’s Cafeteria and Mililani Rec #3. The last picture is my newest creation…cookie monster. A kid’s mom asked me for a cookie monster after seeing everyone else with an Elmo.

Photobucket  Photobucket   Photobucket

NEXT MONTH: New pictures and videos of the newest additions to DaBalloon&MagicShow.

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